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Lilien Professional shampoo

The shampoo for dry and damaged hair from the LILIEN PROFESIONAL Pro-Style line is a perfect combination of modern hair technologies. Thanks to its unique composition, it restores the natural balance of the scalp and helps the hair return to optimal condition.

The shampoo contains panthenol, which is very important for hair. It helps them regain strength when they are weakened. Nourishes and hydrates hair. It has a calming effect on the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Aloe Vera extract has proven healing effects and also has a positive effect on hair in terms of regeneration, hydration and nutrition.

Thanks to the combination of perfume and limonene, the shampoo has a very pleasant and refreshing fruity scent.

Lilien Professional - a step towards long-term beautiful hair.

Volume 1000  (ml)
Product code 09654