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Lilien MEN-ART Beard & Hair Wax - White

Lilien MEN-ART Beard & Hair Wax helps to tame unruly hair and beard. The hardening effect and matte appearance will ensure you a comfortable feeling at the start of your day. Cold-pressed organic oils - argan and macadam, and beeswax take care of the shape, shine and nutrition of your beard and hair. To achieve the optimal result, it is necessary to first heat the wax between the fingers, and then gently massage it between the beards and adjust it to the desired shape.

The wax is perfumed, so it matches the whole range of whites. for charming gentlemen who know how to enchant a woman. The exotic composition, which is dominated by sandalwood and cedar, is accentuated by the sweet base of the scent with a floral undertone.

Head: bergamot
Heart: anise, basil
Base: amber, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli

Weight 45  (g)
Product code 04336

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