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Hair and body cosmetics LILIEN

High quality hair and body cosmetics for men, women and children.
It contains natural extracts and various fragrances and is suitable for everyday use.
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Barber productsLilien MEN-ART

The pleasantly perfumed shower shampoo thoroughly washes your hair, beard and body. The oil provides nourishment, shine and hydration. The wax will serve as an ideal helper in shaping your beard and your hairstyle.
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Liquid soaps LILIEN

A new better recipe for even smoother skin.
The soap does not contain microplastics and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for everyday use.
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Household detergents Twister

Liquid washing gels for different types of laundry.  Gentle fabric softeners for delicate and fragrant laundry.  Powerful dishwashing detergents.  Toilet gels with a practical basket for convenient refilling.

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Sun cosmetics Lilien Sun Active

Protects the skin from the power of the sun's rays.
It will ensure a beautiful tan.
It will be your faithful partner by the sea
even in the mountains.
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Caring cosmetics Naturalis

Natural ingredients take care of the body and soul.
They pamper the skin and indulge in the relaxation of the mind.
Many are interwoven with amazing scents. Relax with Naturalis.


Our products have become part of the assortment of most wholesale and retail distributors and chain stores.
Due to the high quality of our products, design and flexibility of individual workplaces, we have succeeded in a number of tenders for the production of private labels.


Product development

We are constantly developing new recipes and innovating our products.


We are carefully monitoring and controlling the quality of our cosmetics.


All our product range is manufactured in our own plant in Třebechovice.


We are using state-of-the-art technologies for our production.


Thanks to 20 years of experience the transport is working great.

A brand with more than 20 years of tradition

Cosmetics directly from the Czech manufacturer

High quality products

Czech products at reasonable prices

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