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About Us

Union Cosmetic, Ltd. was founded in Prague in 2002. Due to the company’s long term intention of getting established on the Czech market as a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemicals, the company purchased its own plant in Třebechovice pod Orebem in 2003. The location of this manufacturing plant was not random, since right in Třebechovice is a source of high quality infantile water which is an integral ingredient of our formulas for our products. In the beginning the company was manufacturing primarily hair products as well as bath and body cosmetics known under the brand name Lilien and Naturalis, known to many clients since 1994. That is why our company decided to reassume this successful tradition, and purchased the brand name to further develop and manufacture these products. With time and with the ever improving technical and technological possibilities, the product line has widened, namely with new products in household chemistry under the brand name Twister. Broadening the company’s activity led to establishing distributing corporations in Slovakia and Poland.

We have successfully strengthened our position on the market by following and observing the newest trends, resilient innovation, good quality, attractive design, and favorable pricing.

Our products have been enlisted in the product assortment of most wholesale and retail companies. Due to the good quality of our products, design and the flexibility of various manufacturing sites, we have been successful in many selection events for manufacturing private labels. Attractive design is a result of our own development and consequently manufacturing our own packaging.

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