Upravit stránku

Storage and logistics

Borders can´t stop us

Our products are not only for the Czech Republic. It also goes through various European countries. But even Europe is not the ultimate limit. Our products have took their way beyond those boundaries and found its customers also overseas.

The journey of products to you is shortening every day

We strive to ensure that products find their way to you in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we pay attention to the ideal storage of our products. We have enough in stock so that we can satisfy all your requirements.

We try to avoid any obstacles even when dealing with non-standard requirements. We do our best to ship your orders ideally within 24 hours.

When delivering to stores and chains we follow specific agreement and given dates of delivery. And if we encounter any obstacle, we will aspire to resolve in the shortest possible time.

Products that fill the shelves of our stores

Our sales representatives have the ordering agenda for smaller stores. They deal in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In their hands is the ideal cooperation between warehouse workers and perfectly created logistics. Thanks to this, our goods will reach you in the shortest time. Among other ways you find get our products in the offers of wholesale and retail distributors and chains. Our attractive goods combine high quality and novel design, which is one of the best prerequisites for creating valuable products. Those that have become part of private labels.
We do not know the obstacles in the form of borders. Our products are enjoying popularity not only among Czech customers, but also in Europe. And not only that. Part of our production has also found its customers overseas.

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