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Body cosmetics Natava with natural ingredients

NATAVA is a brand of handmade body cosmetics with a combination of natural ingredients and modern technologies. Body cosmetics perfectly hydrate, soften skin and leave a very pleasant feeling of freshness and purity on the body. Glycerine soaps from this brand are a natural and very popular type of soap. Glycerin soap softens the skin, so regular use eliminates the symptoms of dry skin. The oily components of this soap have anti-inflammatory effects, so it is also suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it assists as a treatment of acne. NATAVA bath oil balls with a pleasant and long-lasting scent bring relaxation and relief for the body during the bath. They contain softening ingredients that refine and hydrate your skin. The natural ingreditents open the pores of the skin during the warm bath and penetrate it more easily. These induce a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Natava Hair care include six types of fragrant hair shampoos and balsams full of natural ingredients, panthenol and argan oil. These will provide your hair with all-round care, add strength and nutrients and ensure easy combing.

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