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Natural BIO cosmetics

The portfolio of our brands has expanded with a new collection of NATAVA cosmetic products, containing natural extracts and plant power that will please the body with pampering care. The new cosmetic products hide the perfect combination of natural energy of plant extracts in BIO quality and the latest scientific knowledge from the cosmetic world.

NATAVA Bio thus brings customers new opportunities to enjoy natural care. Hair shampoos and balms for all hair types contain quality certified natural ingredients, originating from controlled organic farming or from certified collections in the wild. In harmony with nature, various types of shampoos have been created, which will enchant customers with fragrant plant extracts from lavender, birch, nettle, hemp, burdock and sea buckthorn. They nourish and regenerate the hair roots, skin and hair. The perfectly scented oil bath balls are full of dried plants and, thanks to the content of shea and cocoa butter, they will make each spa an invigorating and soothing, revitalizing and relaxing experience.