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Product development

When you find the ideal foundation stone

Our journey through the world of cosmetics began in 2002. We reached an important milestone a year later, when the foundation stone of our own plant was laid in the picturesque landscape in Třebechovice pod Orebem. Thanks to this we have found ideal conditions for the production of our own cosmetics. On our way through the cosmetics industry, we strive to keep moving forward.

Our partners are flexibility, variability, innovation, emphasis on quality and technology development. We follow timeless trends while honoring the charm of traditional production, which is aimed at high quality products. Customers can hold products in their hands that give the body luxury care and conjure up many happy smile on their faces.

Laboratory - the heartbeat of the company

The soul of our company is a modern laboratory. It is here that fundamental processes are under way, which give rise to products that have a permanent place in our customers' homes. We follow the latest trends and strive to be one step ahead. We turn our visions into reality. And with a benefit that can be tailored to your specific requirements.
For us, fairs are a meeting place and space filled with inspiration with the prospect of future development.

 Inspiration knows no bounds

Product development is a very demanding discipline not only financially, but also time-consuming. In-depth and thorough research can take up to one year.

Usually development takes several months. It always depends on the specific conditions and specific requirements.

The most important driver of development is always a specific product and its production intensity. And what lies under the scrutiny of quality development?

In the beginning, one of the most important thing is the selection of the best ingredients and their combination. Last but not least, it is also important that if the products succesfuly pass the stress and stability tests.

Products with atmosphere and perfect aroma

Our goal is to cover you with a sophisticated yet delicate and unobtrusive fragrance after opening our products.

It is an integral part of the originality of the cosmetic product and forms one of its most important ingredients in order to make the product pleasant, engaging at the first opening and literally encouraged to try.

Unpack our products and feel the atmosphere of perfect fragrance. We develop individual fragrances for you with professional perfumes.

We have been tuning new fragrances up to several months and using the best of them in our products. The choice of fragrance is also determined by the particular composition and ingredients used. It is the fragrance which predestines the product to gain popularity.

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