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When visions become reality

Production starts with the most important part of our company - the laboratory. Here our ideas and visions are transformed into reality in the form of quality and original cosmetics. Only after long-term research and in-depth testing, our products will see the space of production lines where further transformation takes place.

The initial sample is transformed into a true product, which is produced in large quantities. It is these stress tests of the first batches that show the quality of the cosmetics being developed. Thanks to the interplay of modern laboratory equipment and experienced staff, we are able to develop products that can withstand the demanding conditions of extensive testing. Cosmetics thus breaks the boundaries of production plants and finds itself in the hands of customers.

The journey filled with exploration and development

The journey of the new product is difficult, but we are all the more pleased with every new product and innovation that is indispensable for production. As well as the initial visions that combine timelessness and originality with regard to the development of modern technology. After developing the concept and composition of a new product, a combination of different ingredients is always examined and verified in practice. Choosing the best ingredients is literally one of the most challenging tasks. However, combining the right ingredients is not enough. Cosmetics must also excel in stability and original fragrance. Only in this way can the customer be impressed and convinced that this product must not be missing in his bathroom.

First batch - shows everything

After detailed development, the first batch is produced on the lines. It is the turning point that will show whether the product is ready to see the light of the cosmetic world and succeed. While testing, we focus on the most important - microbiology.

An important aspect that we closely check and test is the stability of the product to prevent unwanted product changes.

It is essential for products to meet the safety assessment to be placed on the market. This is the only way to get the most stable products in the hands of the customer.

We are creating a carefully designed product portfolio. This offers products that perfectly complement product quality and delivery speed.

The perfect product - the result of collaboration of experts

An important benefit that makes us able to make advances in production is not just following the latest technology, but also the work of our trained staff. And not just him. We also cooperate with other word experts who understand their field best and have a wealth of experience. We are also orientated on fragrances, for this is for us indispensable cooperation with specialized perfumes. Only the cooperation of experts gives valuable cosmetic products. And that's why you can enjoy the original scent after opening our products.

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