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Quality control

Lab - a magical place full of surprises

Our goal is the highest quality products while maintaining favorable prices. The heart of our company is a laboratory. It is the most important driver. Our laboratory perfectly combines modern equipment with the excellent performance of our experienced and qualified staff. Thanks to the high-quality symbiosis of our technological equipment and experienced trained staff we can create from our visions and ideas cosmetic products that are part of our product lines. And it also gives us space to focus on the most consistent and detailed control.

Get inspiration at our variable portfolio

Our product lines are rich in variability. Thanks to that we can meet your requirements and demands, which are standard for highest quality cosmetic products.

And customize the products directly to you at peace. The diverse portfolio hides only those products, which stand out in their beneficial effects while meeting all the prescribed standards.

Just open the cap

All ingredients are based on quality ingredients. We are paying close attention to the best product composition. We have researched the most appropriate content for our products, allowing you to enjoy the most exclusive care with beneficial effects. Cosmetics boasts a carefully selected combination of the best ingredients. The ones, which not only meet the relevant standards, but also provide significant benefits in the form of rich care providing your entire body.
We are crossing the boundaries of the present. We try to be always one step ahead, so we could best respond to the timeless trends.

We won't miss any details

We achieve the highest possible control by running in several phases and focusing on individual specific components. We pay most attention to sensory, microbial and physico-chemical control.

However, not only the composition but also the color, perfume, PH value and important microbiological parameters such as pathogens, yeasts and molds are subject to rigorous control.

The packaging of our products is also subject to strict control. And not only in terms of design, which makes beauty products more attractive. However, such details as labels, various components of the packaging material and, last but not least, the batches will not be missed.


Quality - an essential part of our products

We pay attention to the highest quality of our products. The highest quality is our priority. We comply with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products. Thus, we meet the strictest criteria that are important for the proper and safe composition of valuable cosmetic products.

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