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Shower gels NATURALIS

In order to get your portion of energy you could follow in the footsteps of Ethiopic ancestors of Oromo tribes and take a couple of aromatic coffee. According to the legend, unique characteristics of coffee tree were first discovered in the 9th century on the Ethiopian territories. Delicious taste and promising smell make coffee one of the most favourite beverage in the world. If you don´t drink coffee, but at the same time you can´t resist its glorious scent, don´t be upset. Try a worthy substitution – shower gel with a coffee extract NATURALIS. Ethiopic ancestors sure would appreciate its aromatic, cleaning and softening feature.

Do you feel like having a chocolate just as settlers of tropic pre-Columbian America in good old times? Or you can´t stop dreaming about coconut biscuits, which would be undoubtedly to Marko Polo’s taste. They say that outstanding Italian traveller was an admirer of coconuts. If you keep to a diet, don’t be sad. Enjoy your favourite tastes on the outside of your body with the shower gel with a chocolate extract or coconut oil.

Who knows, maybe you have immediately decided to feel yourself in the skin of an ancient Greek, who moisturized and renewed it using sea-buckthorn… So, here is a shower gel with an extract of this wonderful plant.