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Special products? No obstacle for us ...

We produce the most demanding products for production. Our product portfolio also includes scrubs and emulsions. Thanks to the equipment of specialized mixers we are able to create different additives of liquid and loose components.

The most demanding process is the production of emulsions. These must be produced under strict temperature conditions where the oil and water phases are mixed. Only by keeping the most demanding conditions may develop high quality and stable product.

Our goal is the best product

The technology of our production is at a very high level. It always depends on the specific cosmetic products. According to the difficulty of its production we choose the best technological procedures. For best results, we combine the automated operation of special lines and machines with the skills of trained professional staff.

When the present is the shadow of a past

The present is a shadow of the past for us. We always try to be one step ahead. We respond to the current demands and needs of our customers. We understand the technology and develop a forward direction.

A unique challenge for us is new products and new production processes to which we strive to respond quickly and effectively. Our flexibility allows us to quickly innovate according to specific requirements. Diverse ideas and demands are no obstacle for us.

Flexibility is our priority. We always try to create a concept fitting your ideas and visions perfectly.

Innovation is our indispensable partner

What is outstanding about our production? The state-of-the-art equipment is complemented by special machines that can make production more efficient. The latest machines that have enriched our production line include a salt filler and a vacuum boiler. Thanks to which we can process smaller quantities of raw materials, which improves our products and improves their consistency. But that is not all. You may be interested in the fact that bottles and vials are not subject to automatic production, but we still retain the traditional production of blown bottles.

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