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Lilien shampoo for all hair type Coconut Milk 2in1

New shampoo with coconut milk is universal solution for all hair types. Shampoo with unique scent gives hair softeness and shine. It cares for the hair with an emollient and nourishing effect.   

Lilien shampoos and conditioners are suitable for everyday use. From a range of shampoos with natural ingreditents, everyone can choose the best product according to the needs of their own hair.

New Lilien shampoos contain:
taurine, panthenol, coffeine, Precious Oils

New Liliens shampoos do not contain:
MIT/CMIT preservatives, microplastics, silicones, colorants, parabens

We took care to produce an affordable product with the maximum of beneficial ingredients.

Volume 350  (ml)
Product code 07009