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Lilien shampoo for normal hair Olive Oil

New shampoo including olive oil is the perfect solution for everyone, who wants to give thair hair regenerating and softening care. It gives hair healthy shine and calms the scalp. For best results, we recommend combining the shampoo with a conditioner of the same type. 

Lilien shampoos and conditioners are suitable for everyday use. From a range of shampoos with natural ingredients, everyone can choose the most suitable one according to the needs of their hair.

New Lilien shampoos contain:
taurine, panthenol, caffeine, valuable oils

New Lilien shampoos do not contain:
MIT / CMIT preservatives, microplastics, silicones, dyes, parabens

We took care to develop an affordable product with the maximum of beneficial substances.

Volume 350  (ml)
Product code 06965